getting the confetti out of your head &
the party onto paper...

Rescuing you from

Brenna McGowan- Email Copywriter | Content Strategist

Would you....

Rather clean the house than write an email (it’s that bad!)… 

Keep hearing you need to grow your email list, but wonder how in the world you can actually do that!

Simultaneously love Instagram and want to delete the app because marketing there is So. Much. Work. 

Imagine if…

You could start writing emails that scream personality (even though you consider yourself a little boring), and has your readers saying “She gets me!” and “Here’s my credit card!”

Find a way to organically grow your email list & write emails that your readers don’t press the snooze (delete) button on. 

Have an Instagram strategy that gets you back to watching your kids at soccer practice instead of staring at your phoning wondering “What the heck do I post?”

Well, then you’re in the right place!


One tap to better copy....

Learn from copywriting stars how they use the power of a segue to write copy with Real Housewives fan-fare—all with your simple, everyday stories.


Want to know how you can be on the must-read list when you send an email? Want to write Instagram captions that stop the scroll? Listen to one of my recent podcast interviews!

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Brenna mcgowan


Wish someone could rescue you from writing another word for your business? 

Or maybe you need help figuring out what words are the “right” ones to use in your emails or on Instagram? 

Wonder how she (ya, you know her) gets so many comments on her Instagram post? And wonder why you struggle even coming up with an idea–much less putting that idea into a coherent captions. 

Then you’re in the right place. 

Hi, I’m Brenna, a copywriter who specialized in email & website copy. My job is to take your personality—quirks & all—and infuse it into a brand that has your ideal client saying things like:  

  • It’s like you’re in my mind
  • Your emails are the only ones I read
  • I find myself waiting on the edge of my seat waiting for your next email

Client love

Learn from superstar copywriters how
to write emails that connect & sell you stuff

Want to hear these words: 

“Your emails are the only ones I read!”

Learn how top copywriters like Laura Belgray, Chris Orzechowski, Linda Perry & Marisa Corcoran write emails that people open with anticipation like the new season of Game of Thrones. 

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