Hi, I'm Brenna

Do you have everything to say, but when you sit down to write your blank Google Doc mocks you?

Keep hearing that you need to email your list but have no idea what to say? 

Have a love/hate relationshiop with Instagram? (ok, mostly hate…)

Want to write words that get this reaction: “How’d she read my mind?”

“Then you’re in the right place.  I’m Brenna. And I’m here to get the confetti out of your head and turn it into dollars in your face. .”

- Brenna McGowan

My years of being overdramatic (according to my husband), a little sarcastic (thanks fam) and a book nerd that would rather write a paper than do anything crafty has brought me to where I am today: An email and Instagram expert for female lifestyle brands. 

Being able to get inside the head of your ideal client and create email and Instagram copy that gets comments like, “OMG, I’ve had that exact same thought” & “SO ME,” is my speciality. 

Don’t believe me? Here you go:

Ready to get the words out of your head and money in your pocket? I thought so. 

Some random things about me…. 

→ I’m a minimalist—until it comes to my closet—then I’m a hoarder. 

→ Yoga is my thing, but I wouldn’t call myself “Zen.”

→ I can create an email or Instagram caption out of ANY story. My brain is reminsicent of a Seinfeld episode. 

→ I read constantly. My favorite book is Jane Eyre but most days you can find me reading an Emily Giffen novel.

Do I sound like the gal you want hanging around your Google Docs?