The Secret to Getting More Customer Reviews

Want to know the secret for getting more customer reviews on Facebook, you website or other channels? The answer I have may be surprising to you! Social Rescue, your complete social media marketing, content marketing and blogging resource. Home of keeping blogs short and sweet!

One of the perks of this profession is working with such great small businesses! This week I heard the same question from three clients so I thought it would be worth repeating my answer to you. The question they asked was how they can obtain more customer reviews.

You may think as a social media marketer I replied with a long explanation and strategy. Here is my answer:


Yep, that’s it! If you want clients to leave a review for you, you have to ask them. And probably more than once.

You might think that I am stating the obvious, but sometimes as business owners we have so much going on that we forget the basics. People are busy. They do not think about taking the time to review your business. So, next time one of your clients tells you how wonderful you are and how much you have helped them, politely ask them if they would be so kind to leave you a five-star review.

Make it Easy.

However, asking is just a piece of this puzzle. You also have to make it easy for them. Most of us, myself included, will think how they should sit down and take the time to write a nice review. But then life takes over and my good intentions get lost in the shuffle.

So, if you ask in-person, follow up with an email with a direct link to where you would like them to leave a review. Or even better, email and ask if they would mind writing a few sentences with a testimonial for your website.  When they reply with the testimonial ask if they would mind copy and pasting and throwing it on Facebook or Google reviews. Be sure to send them the link of where you would like them to paste the review.

For a “soft” ask, include a link to review your business in a tag line on your email signature line. Another idea is to include a link when you send out your weekly/monthly email newsletter. Other suggestions include a call-to action on Facebook, creating an image for Instagram “asking” and then directing them to a link in your bio, or a call-to-action on your blog posts.

Another question I hear is how to gain more positive reviews. My answer is pretty much the same—do such a great job your clients can’t help but to rave about you and ASK.

My goal is to keep my blogs short and sweet, yet informative! Want to see more from me? I am asking you to please subscribe for emails! Look to right and subscribe away!

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