Why You Need to Know About Learning Ally

Find out about the use of Learning Ally audiobooks for struggling readers.

The Importance of Audiobooks for Struggling Readers

I had the privilege of recently publishing an article in Schoolguide. I wrote this article about a subject I am very passionate about—audiobooks. My oldest child has struggled with reading since day one. It was not until he was in sixth grade did I really learn about audiobooks. And not just audiobooks, but Learning Ally. With Learning Ally, you do not only hear what is being read, but see the accompanying text. This program is accessible through a phone, tablet or computer.

Unfortunately, finding out so late about this valuable resource meant we could have averted YEARS of struggle. We could have avoided so much frustration and tears. Had I learned about Learning Ally earlier I would have not had to spend countless evenings reading to him because he couldn’t read chapter books on his own. He wouldn’t have wasted endless hours in the classroom while others read and he just stared off into space. It is my mission that you are not in the same boat as us.

What has astonished me since I learned about Learning Ally is how many parents, and educators for that matter, are not aware of this life-changing program. I realize with so much technology out there it is hard to dechiper which program is best. Let me save you the trouble. If you have a child who is dyslexic or has learning differences, then Learning Ally is your answer.

Being an avid reader only make me more passionate about children having access to all types of information. Learning Ally provides kids access grade-level content. This means they can be part of the reading community with their peers. I also want to debunk the myth that if a child listens to a book while they view the text that they are “cheating.”

We are so blessed to live in the age of technology. Children of previous of generations did not have access to text-to-speech, speech-to-text, audiobooks and more. By the gains made in technology, our children can be better prepared with a bright future.

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To read the Schoolguide article and find out more information about Lerning Ally and other useful programs, click here.

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