New (and Useful!) Instagram Updates

If you think social media is changing daily, you are right! It is hard to keep up with these ever-changing platforms! Some of the changes are a drag (can anyone say Facebook’s new algorithm?!), but Instagram’s newest updates are easy to use AND useful!

Instagram just launched a Focus mode for stories and pictures! This would be the equivalent to Portrait mode on your iPhone and makes a huge difference on the quality of your story or picture. First things first, go update your Instagram app! If you have not updated you will not see this new feature. Once you have updated Instagram, head over to stories and you will find Focus next to the Superzoom setting under the record button.

Take your phone and tap the Focus button. You will see prompts to “Find a face” or “Move closer” so that your camera can focus. And voila, your phone is taking a crystal clear picture or video of the person while the background blurs. Another benefit is that you use Focus while taking a selfie, unlike iPhone’s Portrait mode. Love this!!! To take a pic, tap the record button. If video is what you are aiming for, tap and hold the record button.

Another useful feature that was released is a new sticker in the sticker tray, @mention, that allows you tag a person in your story, similar to mentioning them in a photo!

As for now, the Focus button is only available on my business account. Comment below if you have it on your personal account!



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