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Personable copy if you're at a loss for words..

Helping get the confetti out of your head so your words can have a 80s dance party in your Google Docs.

What’s the best thing you can do to grow your personal brand?

Be you.

But if you find transferring “YOU” to words on your computer screen is not as easy as it sounds (because it’s not), then we might be a perfect match.

I’ll be the Gwen to your Blake. The Jane to your Mr. Rochester.

Your Elizabeth to Mr. Darcy.

Together, we make a great pair.

You want me in your Google Docs if:

like a balance
of personality &
story in
your emails

want copy that sounds like you (but when you write it it sounds like someone else)

seek replies to
your emails from ideal clients saying
“you so get me”

We probably shouldn’t hang together if you:

don’t want to be involved in the process (being available for interviews, etc)

hate Pride & Prejudice (especially the 1995 mini-series rendition with Colin Firth)

Here’s what you get:


Some simple tweaks that takes your copy from bor-ing to unforgettable


A new set of eyes to tell you what’s clear in your copy & where you need to take a bottle of windex to it


Get clarity of your message, because if your message ain’t clear then neither is your path to sales

“So glad I reached out to Brenna and booked an appointment with her! The suggestions she had were really helpful. I truly enjoyed the back and forth bouncing of ideas with her. I will be putting her ideas and resources to use and will look forward to chatting again in the future. Thanks Brenna "

Kim Funk
Here’s how it works:


First, I send you an in-depth questionnaire so I get to know your brand, your personality, your mission and your voice.


We jump on the phone for a conversation so I really get to know you, your brand and your mission.


You send me what you’ve written so far and I get to work.


I spiff up your emails and/or email sequence and send you back a Google Folder with your shiny, new copy. 


You relax tonight instead of thinking about your email because they are DONE.