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Ok, so you likely have your own personal Facebook page, but what do you do for your business. Don’t be scared…our recommendation: at a minimum, set up a Facebook Business Page and an Instagram Business page.

Then, if you’re feeling really adventurous, start a Twitter page.

Then, let’s tackle Pinterest.

Then, let’s tackle Snap Chat.

While it all seems overwhelming, you don’t have to start posting on all of them at once, but one thing you should consider, though, is to think about your “handles”.

What’s a “handle” you say?  Well, we’ll use our business as the example:  {The} Social Rescue

So, we started our FB page, with the name “@thesocialrescue” , so when someone goes to FB, they can go to Make sense?

You want to have all of your “handles” to be the same. That way when someone Googles (yes, that’s a real verb now), @thesocialrescue, all of our social media channels will come up, if they’re all the same “handle.”

Sometimes you can have them be the same, sometimes you cannot because someone’s already claimed the ones you want. So before you lock in one, be sure to check all of the other social media platforms you want to use to see the availability of your desired handle and make adjustments accordingly with the goal in mind to have them all be the same.

Now go claim your “handles” (thankfully different than love handles). You can do this!

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