Tuesday Twitter Tips—Rethinking Your Approach to Twitter for Your Business

Maybe you are like me? You are on Facebook and Instagram, but never really saw the benefit of diving into Twitter for your business.

It is so difficult to manage all the aspects of your business (YIKES, it is tax time) that it is hard—really hard—to not only post to your social media accounts, but then think about adding and posting to new platforms that you are not familiar with.

However, each social platform comes with a unique group of users. At the time I write this, Twitter has 330 million users alone. With these numbers, Twitter is a social platform you and your business do not want to ignore.

One tip I recently learned that can really help small businesses is the Advanced Search option. Did you know you can search Twitter by looking for key words, geographic area, phrases or hashtags? You can even do a search for certain people. Furthermore, you can specify your search with a certain date range. What this means is you can do a Twitter search for keywords specific to your industry, and can even look to find where the competition is mentioned.

You can find the Advanced Search option on your desktop. Simply go to twitter.com/search-advanced and type in your search criteria. In the past, you could search by a geographic area and the surrounding area determined by miles. The Advanced Search page no longer gives you that option. However, here is a trick to help you get around that. Once you click “Search” on the Advanced Search page the Search Results page appears. In this example, I decided to search “Weddings.” In the search bar at the top of the screen wedding near:”Folsom, CA” within:15mi is displayedTo change the radius of miles in the search, all you have to do is switch the “15” number of miles to your preference and presto! I chose “60” so I can now see all the results in a 60 mile radius.

Now that my search results are up for “wedding” and “within:60mi” the real work can begin. I scrolled down my Results screen and saw tweets from two different women who mentioned getting married. One commented about how she would be attending two wedding shows. What an opportunity! If I am a wedding vendor I could do a lot with this information. I could reply to her comment with my congratulations and let her know which upcoming wedding shows I will have a booth at and would love to meet her personally. I could tweet her back with my website and a special offer. Another option is to simply network and use customer service and send  congratulations and let them know if they need anything you would be happy to help. All of these scenarios take just a minute of time and will make you stand out over your competition.

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